Peter Pan

The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up

Olivier Theatre, NT

By J. M. Barrie

Adapted by John Caird and Trevor Nunn

This was a new adaptation for the Royal Shakespeare Company based on a wide variety of J. M. Barrie’s original source material. It was first performed at the Barbican Theatre on 11 December 1982 and ran through the Christmas season until 22 January 1983. 

It was subsequently revived for the RSC Christmas seasons of 1983/4 and 1984/5.

A slightly different adaptation was made for the National Theatre Christmas seasons of 1997/8 and 1998/9.

The RSC version is published by DPS in New York.

The NT version was published by Methuen in England.

American or Canadian producers or theatre companies wishing to produce this version of Peter Pan should apply for the rights to DPS in New York. All other enquiries concerning all other territories should be made to Michael McCoy at Independent Talent Group.

The Version

This production was the first time the part of Peter had ever been played by a male actor - the other children’s roles all being played by adults. Up until then the part had always been played by an adult actress with the other children’s roles being played by a mix of adults and children. Thus one of the greatest dramatic love stories ever written had degenerated into a grim annual pantomime, so far from Barrie’s original intention he would have wept to see it.

For a full account of the way the adaptation was made, please refer to the essay in one of the published versions.

Creative Team

DirectorsJohn Caird and Trevor Nunn
DesignerJohn Napier
CostumesAndreane Neofitou
LightingDavid Hersey
MusicStephen Oliver
Fights DirectorMalcolm Ransom
Dance Assistant Noelyn George
Assistant Director Alby James
Script Assistant Sarah Spare
Stage Manager Caroline MacKay
Deputy Stage Manager Stella Bond
Assistant Stage Manager Anne Milner


The Storyteller Stephen Moore
Mr Darling Joss Ackland
Mrs Darling Sheila Hancock
Wendy Jane Carr
John Philip Franks
Michael Andrew Thomas James
Nana Christopher Hurst
Liza Clare Travers-Deacon
Peter Pan Miles Anderson
Tinker Bell Jan Revere
The Ostrich Susan Jane Tanner & Antony Simons
Slightly James Fleet
Tootles Anthony O’Donnell
Nibs Joseph Marcell
Curly Dexter Fletcher
First Twin Philip Walsh
Second Twin Ken Robertson
Cecco Steve Simmonds
Bill Jukes Andrew Jarvis
Cookson Brian Poyser
Gentleman Starkey Colin Tarrant
Skylights Stewart Mackintosh
Smee George Raistrick
Noodler Gary Sharkey
Robert Mullins Peter Ellis
Captain James Hook Joss Ackland
The Crocodile Andrew Jarvis & Steve Simmonds
Great Big Little Panther Mike Murray
Tiger Lily Seeta Indrani
The Piccanninny Tribe Sarah Finch, Noelyn George, Michael Gyngell, Tom Hunsinger, Christopher Hurst, Susan Leong, Antony Simons, Jan Revere, Susan Jane Tanner, Clare Travers-Deacon
The Mermaids Sarah Finch, Noelyn George, Susan Leong, Jan Revere, Susan Jane Tanner
The Never Bird Noelyn George
Chay Turley Michael Gyngell
George Scourie Tom Hunsinger
Wibbles Christopher Hurst
Alsatian Fogerty Mike Murray
Canary Robb Antony Simons
Jane Sarah Finch


Musical Director/Piano/Synthesiser Nigel Hess
Trumpets Peter Cameron/Roderick Tearle
Horns Duncan Hollowood/Brian Newman
Trombone David Hissey
Flute Christopher Lacey
Clarinet Victor Slaymark
Bassoon Peter Whittaker
Percussion Tony McVey/Peter Washtell